Mid-scale Screening Capabilities Enables Cellana to Optimize Process Development


For any outdoor microalgae cultivation operation, both experimentation and large-scale cultivation are essential for the successful production of biomass, oil, feed-protein and other valuable co-products.

In order to economically maximize yield at a large scale, the capacity to experiment at smaller volumes is essential.  Cellana’s patented ALDUO mid-scale technology simulates large scale production (up to 750,000L), but with greater experimental flexibility at significantly lower cost.

A variety of strains may be grown simultaneously using a triplicate, randomized-design methodology under outdoor conditions. This allows Cellana staff to screen multiple strains for targeted performance characteristics, and to undertake a preliminary techno-economic analysis prior to scale-up.

Can Our Technology Help You Test your Product?

Whether you are interested in the cultivation of microalgae for feed, fuel, or any various high-value co-products (e.g. nutraceuticals, cosmetic compounds etc) the Cellana mid-scale system is specifically designed to test the performance of microalgae strains prior to making a larger-scale investment.

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