Algae-based Products for a Sustainable Future

Cellana, a leading developer of algae-based bioproducts, uses the most productive plants on earth — marine microalgae — to photosynthetically produce its ReNew™ line of EPA Omega-3 oils, algae-based ink feedstock, and animal feed/food and biofuel feedstocks. Cellana’s patented ALDUO™ system enables economic, sustainable and consistent production of photosynthetic, non-GMO algae at industrial scale. Cellana intends to construct and operate commercial facilities to produce these products for its customers and partners, including POS Bio-Sciences, Living Ink Technologies, and Neste, among others.

For a great read on Cellana and our work, check out  “7 Days from Seed to Harvest: Cellana, and the rise of algae in a world seeking more, faster, better” by Jim Lane at Biofuels Digest.

Video: Cellana’s Kona Demonstration Facility on the Big Island of Hawaii

Our ReNew™ Line of Products

Human Health

renew-omega-3-small-logoMarine algae produce nutritional oils that contain an abundance of healthy Omega-3s.
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Biofuel Feedstock

renew-fuel-small-logoAlgae will help meet the growing demand for biofuels for use in transportation, aviation and energy.
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 Animal Health

renew-feed-small-logoAlgae enhance the nutritional value of animal feed and provide an alternative protein feed source.
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Why Algae

renew-algae-small-logoMarine microalgae hold great promise for tackling the global need for sustainability, better health, energy security, and climate stability. And ReNew™ Algae are produced by the most environmentally friendly means possible.
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