Algae-based Products for a Sustainable Future

Cellana, a leading developer of algae-based bioproducts, uses the most productive plants on earth—marine microalgae—to photosynthetically produce its ReNew™ line of Omega-3 EPA and DHA oils, animal feed, and biofuel feedstocks.

Cellana’s mission is to develop and operate highly profitable commercial scale algae biorefineries and to establish Cellana as a leading source of algae-based products serving the human nutrition (Omega-3), animal nutrition, and biofuel markets

ALDUO™ Powerful, Patented, Production Technology for Consistent, Large-Scale Outdoor Algae Production

Cellana’s patented ALDUO™ system, a series of photobioreactors (PBRs) coupled with open ponds, enables economic and continuous production of diverse strains of microalgae.

Our ALDUO™ system represents the optimal balance between higher-cost PBRs and lower-cost open ponds for consistent production without interruption by contamination.

Since 2009, Cellana has operated its Kona Demonstration Facility, a 6-acre, state-of-the-art production and research facility in Hawaii. To date we have generated over 20 tons of algae to become one the most validated and prolific algae production facilities in the world.

Video: Cellana’s Kona Demonstration Facility, a 6-acre, state-of-the-art production and research facility in Hawaii, and the ALDUO™ algae production technology

Over $100 million has been invested in the technologies being developed by Cellana, including through angel investments, government grants and contracts, strategic partner/joint venture funding, and investments made in the technologies in-licensed by Cellana.

Cellana intends to construct and operate commercial facilities to produce our ReNew™ product line as integrated algae-based biorefineries.

Our ReNew™ Brand of Products

Human Health

renew-omega-3-small-logoHigh-value oils for human nutrition such as DHA and EPA (Omega-3 fatty acids)

Biofuel Feedstock

renew-fuel-small-logoBulk oil for biofuel applications in transportation, aviation and energy.
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 Animal Health

renew-feed-small-logoHigh-protein algal biomass to replace fishmeal for farmed fish and soymeal for livestock feed
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At Cellana, it’s a brand ReNew day! Please contact us to learn more about our company and products.