Key Publications on Cellana’s Products and Technology

The founders and scientists of Cellana have published key findings in peer reviewed journals demonstrating the validity of our hybrid algae production technologies.

Publications on ALDUO™ Technology

Publications on Cellana’s Product Application Testing

Intellectual Property /Patents Surrounding Cellana’s Technologies

Cellana’s ALDUO™ process is covered by issued patents and patent applications.

  • U.S. patent #5,541,056 , Method of control of microorganism growth process, Huntley et al., issued 7/30/96, concerns a method for growing aqueous microorganisms in a transparent photosynthetic reactor, aka photobioreactors (PBRs), wherein a turbulent flow regime is maintained. This broad patent was held valid in U.S. federal court when a third party challenged it in the 1990s.
  •  U.S. patent #7,770,322, Continuous-batch hybrid process for production of oil and other useful products from photosynthetic microbes,” Huntley et al., issued 8/10/10, concerns Cellana’s unique dual cultivation process using both photobioreactors and open ponds.