Microalgae—A Versatile Crop

As one of the most productive and sustainable crops, marine microalgae can be used as a feedstock for a variety of products, including Cellana’s ReNew™ line of Omega-3 EPA and DHA nutritional oils, food/animal feed, and biofuel feedstocks. At Cellana our goal is to leverage our proprietary technology to economically produce the highest quality algae feedstock to produce the highest quality products.


Our ReNew™ Line of Algae-based Products

Human Health


Cellana’s marine algae produce nutritional oils that contain an abundance of healthy Omega-3s.
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Biofuel Feedstock


The need for an alternative to fossil fuels has never been more apparent than today, and algae may provide and important part of the solution.
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Animal Health


As the demand for protein increases worldwide, so does the search for sustainable, nutrient dense feed sources and additives.
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