Cellana Holds Key Intellectual Property /Patents Surrounding Our Technologies

Cellana’s ALDUO™ process is covered by issued patents and patent applications, including U.S. patent #5,541,056 (entitled “Method of control of microorganism growth process,” Huntley et al., issued 7/30/96), relating to the use of photobioreactors (PBRs), and U.S. patent #7,770,322 (entitled “Continuous-batch hybrid process for production of oil and other useful products from photosynthetic microbes,” Huntley et al., issued 8/10/10).

Patent #5,541,056 concerns a method for growing aqueous microorganisms in a transparent photosynthetic reactor wherein a turbulent flow regime is maintained. This broad patent was held valid in U.S. federal court when a third party challenged it in the 1990s.

Patent #7,770,322 is a newly-issued, broad patent covering Cellana’s unique dual cultivation process using both photobioreactors and open ponds.