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Video resources are available for editorial purposes. For use please contact us.


This page contains images that are approved by Cellana for editorial use.

All images (jpgs) are from Cellana’s Kona Demonstration Facility (KDF) on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Aerial view of KDFAerial view of KDF
Cellana KDF PBRPhotobioreactors (PBRs)
Cellana KDF PBR close upPhotobioreactor (PBR) close-up
Cellana KDF open ponds3Open Ponds
Cellana KDF open ponds4Open Ponds
Cellana KDF open ponds2Open Ponds
Cellana KDF cultures3Algae Cultures
Cellana KDF cultures4Algae Cultures
Cellana KDF cultures2Algae Cultures
Cellana-Research-Scientist-3Research Scientist
Cellana LaboraryLaboratory Research
Cellana-AlgaeMarine Microalgae
Cellana-Open-Pond-Paddle-Wheels-1Paddle Wheel in an Open Pond
Cellana KDF algae in mid scale production2Vertical Photobioreactor (PBR)
mid scale screening pondMid-scale Screening Pond
mid scale screening pond tallMid-scale Screening Pond
Vertical photobioreactor tallVertical Photobioreactor (PBR)
Cellana KDF culture room growth bag2Mini Photobioreactor (PBR)
Cellana KDF cultures tallAlgae Cultures
Cellana KDF algae in mid scale production tallVertical Photobioreactor (PBR)
Mini photobioreactors in culture roomMini Photobioreactors (PBRs)


All images are in png format.

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