State of the Algae Industry: 10 Top-Level commercial leaders look at the path to scale

The 2014 Algae Biomass Summit at two key sessions featured 10 of the leading companies in the algae sector, including Martin Sabarsky, CEO, Cellana. He stated:

  • Last 15 years there has been a combination of $100 million in private investment and public funding from government sources, labs to bring this technology to commercial scale, highlighted by a new grant from DOE in the last few weeks
  • The DOE is gone very far and been instrumental in supporting the industry
  • Signature off-take agreement with Neste Oil, signed last year
  • We produce multiple products, primarily by volume fuel grade oils and feed – multiple products improve the economics
  • Our demonstration facility is in Kona, Hawaii
  • Our vision of Cellana’s expansion involves a multi-phase approach
  • Yield is coming up and costs going down with scale

Comments from all the companies, their interaction with the Algae Biomass Summit delegates in the Q&A, and their projected key milestones over the next 12 months, provide as good a summary of the state of the algae industry as The Digest can assemble. Read more.