(Honolulu, HI, Jun. 30, 2008)–HR BioPetroleum (HRBP), a renewable bioenergy company based in Hawaii, has named Ed Shonsey as CEO and a member of its board of directors. He has been authorized to set and implement an aggressive new corporate strategy which will complement HRBP’s recent alliance with Royal Dutch Shell PLC. The University of Hawaii and CEROS of Hawaii have also joined forces with the company to make algal bioenergy solutions a reality and to mitigate CO2 emissions from the air. HRBP was founded by two renowned University of Hawaii scientists, Dr. Mark Huntley and Dr. C.Barry Raleigh who are also members of the Board.

Shonsey has strong, in-depth leadership experience in transforming technology into commercial products across public and private companies. He was most recently CEO of Diversa Corporation (NASDAQ), a world leader in specialty enzymes and bioenergy solutions. He has also held executive positions with Syngenta Seeds Inc., Novartis and Procter & Gamble Company.

“We were very impressed with Ed’s management record,” comments Dr. Raleigh, chairman of the HRBP board, “particularly in his ability to commercialize products successfully. The fact that he has such deep experience in the agricultural technology arena made him the ideal leader for our company.”

“It is a great honor to lead this innovative organization with its patented technology to increase our alternative fuel sources via algae. We will bring added value to our customers by lowering costs and increasing algal oil yield through unique third generation biofuel technologies. In addition to producing more cost effective biodiesel and jet fuel, HRBP’s process will mitigate CO2 stack gases, require no fresh water and provide an alternative to the food versus fuel concerns of other alternative energy plant sources. With our partners, we have validated and increased production levels of our process at pilot scale for over 10 years. We now expect to have our first commercial plant fully operational within three years,” said Shonsey.

About HR BioPetroleum

HR BioPetroleum, Inc., (HRBP) is a Hawaii-based and -founded renewable energy technology company focused on using the most productive plants on earth – marine algae – to produce bioenergy feedstocks while simultaneously reducing industrial emissions of CO2.

Based on HRBP’s proven large-scale algae production technology, HRBP and Royal Dutch Shell plc formed an industry-leading joint venture company, Cellana, located in Hawaii, to construct a pilot facility to demonstrate the algae production technology and its commercial viability.

HRBP intends to construct and operate commercial algae facilities that will convert carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and other large point sources of carbon dioxide into feedstocks for biofuels and other valuable products. Additional information is available at www.hrbp.com.

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